Sunday, 17 February 2013

The news on what's new

Well goodness, it's been such a long time between posts! I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. My life has certainly gone through a lot of change in the meantime:
I graduated from University with Honours- a bittersweet end of an era, but an exciting entry into my new life as a health professional.
I completed a term and a half of vocal training! Something a bit different for me to try, I've always loved singing but wanted to improve my I'm hooked!
I've been doing some summer travelling exploring the wonder that the Australian landscape has to far my best experience was road tripping around Tasmania- that place is incredible!
Currently job hunting to embark on my career as a new graduate occupational therapist- I absolutely cannot wait to launch myself into this amazing profession. I'm also writing a journal article based on my Honours research...fingers crossed that in a few years I may have my first publication!
And importantly I've made quite a few updates to the tinsel and teacups product range!! New jewellery designs, new tea cosies, and a completely new product- vintage teacup candles! Keep an eye on the 'product range' page for soon to come updates...

New Product!

View from Mt Amos, Tasmania (after climbing all the way to the top!)

My Graduation

To market, to market...
Today I enjoyed great weather and company at the Echuca-Moama market. Situated on the Victorian side of the Murray river, Echuca is a thriving tourist hotspot and a great place to venture on a weekend. This weekend Echuca played host to the 'Riverboats Music Festival' (for more info, click here), and was therefore bustling with people.
Just across the river in New South Wales, Moama has a regular community market (click here for the website). Today was the second time I attended the market as a stall holder- I think I may become somewhat of a regular as the folk are friendly and the atmosphere lively. I'll be heading back there on the 10th of March (Labour Day long weekend) so come along if you would like to view the 'tinsel and teacups' range in the flesh!

The 'tinsel and teacups' wooden necklaces at today's market

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Winter Wonderland

I spent the day skiing at Falls Creek yesterday and thought it would be nice to share some images-

There was about 4cm of fresh snow fall overnight, so it was beautiful and powdery. It was also snowing lightly for most of the day, which was really pretty! 

These images are of Rocky Valley Lake, which is always a breathtaking view as you're skiing down the slopes.

Every year the locals, resort staff and guests at Falls Creek celebrate the first day of Winter by taking an icy plunge into Rocky Valley Lake. Over 70 people took part this year- I'm not sure if I would call them brave or crazy?!

Emma xx. 

Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Trove of Tales

I recently spent some time in Castlemaine, a small historic goldmining town in Central Victoria. With a population of approximately 8000 people, this deceptively small regional centre is driven by a vibrant community of diverse locals. I was constantly surprised by the vast variety of attractions this town has to offer those who visit:

Great food - I took this photo when I was doing some study at my favourite cafe called 'Apple Annie's Bakery'. Whatever your budget, Castlemaine has an abundance of cafes and restaurants that will not dissapoint. On the cheaper end of the scale (where I tend to linger), there's the 'Railway Hotel' with brilliant food at very reasonable prices. If you're happy to spend a little more money, I also dined at 'The Public Inn' and left with extremely satisfied tastebuds!!

Botanical Gardens - I was so surprised when I came across the gardens in Castlemaine, with tree lined paths, a lake filled with ducks and swans, and vibrant displays of flowers, it is a hub of activity from children in the playground, to bootcamp classes and groups of runners or walkers.

Mineral Springs - Castlemaine is located in the midst of a number of mineral springs. This photo was taken at Glenluce mineral springs, approximately 10km south of Castlemaine, and features the original mineral springs hand-pump.

Wineries - Surrounding Castlemaine are a quite a few impressive wineries, which make for a lovely afternoon of touring and tasting.

Bushland Walking Tracks - Kalimna Park is a large bush reserve within the township of Castlemaine. There is a network of walking tracks etched throughout the reserve, and a tourist road that runs around the perimiter...featuring some very steep hills, it was a perfect location for my hill training.

Shopping - Castlemaine offers a very unique shopping experience, from recyled vintage, fashion boutiques, to art galleries. This bookshop named 'Soldier and Scholar' certainly took me by surprise. I couldn't believe how many books were crammed into this small space! I really enjoyed spending some time persuing the shelves of this shop.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the attractions on offer at Castlemaine. If you ever find yourself driving through the town, I highly recommend that you stop for an hour or so to see it for yourself. I'm sure you wouldn't be dissapointed!

Emma xx.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Musical Matters

People encounter music on a daily basis. It is such an integral aspect of life, that it seems to fit seamlessly into our day without us taking too much notice. The morning joggers listening to their iPods. The pleasant elevator music that manages to disperse awkward silences. The theme tunes to our favourite TV shows- I can't imagine watching Offspring without first singing along to 'When We Swam'!

My beginner guitar fingers...
My most recent musical challenge has been teaching myself to play guitar. However, music has certainly been a large part of my life since I was little, I've always had a reasonably good 'ear' for music, or natural pitch. I have been a flautist for 10 years now, and know from this experience that music provides an avenue for communication on a level different from words. It can be a powerful way to express emotion or tell a story.

I'm currently completing an honours research project about the use of music as a therapeutic tool by occupational therapists. Being a research topic that I am interested in I'm finding it a very enjoyable process! The part I have most enjoyed is hearing stories about the ways music has successfully helped people overcome barriers to communication and participating in daily life with others.

Music is a great way to bring people together. It's something that everyone can relate to, and provides wonderful opportunities to connect with others. I can't wait to complete my dissertation and have my research findings available to the public. I hope that in my future career I will be able to incorporate music into my practice in one way or another to assist my clients to achieve their goals.

Emma xx.